ERSEA Specialist

Contact Person: Pam Hagelgans
Job Location:
62445 Shimmel Road
Centreville, MI 49032

Job Description:

(Enrollment, Recruitment, Selection, Eligibility and Attendance)

Minimum 3 years of related office experience or an Associate’s Degree.
High level of experience with competence of on-line data management systems(s).
Working knowledge of computers and computer software, especially the Microsoft Office Suite and Google Apps such a Google Sheets.
Ability to handle confidential information.
Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
Responsibility of employee to obtain and maintain all training(s), certificates(s), approval(s), etc. And provide documentation to the business office before expiration of said document(s).
Must be able to lift 20 pounds.
Required to have a physical presence at the designated job site each scheduled work day.
Must have regular and reliable job attendance, performance and physical ability to do the job.

Coordinates and prioritizes support and related work for Early Head Start; provide specific program support to the department including Training and Technical assistance on ERSEA policies and procedures.
Compiles a variety of informational materials related to ERSEA; summarizes the information and prepares periodic or specialized reports related to the areas of ERSEA.
Monitors the county-wide joint recruitment, intake and enrollment system with all Head Start, GSRP partners, and other childcare partners.
Develops and supports county-wide marketing and awareness strategies to promote birth to five enrollments.
Assists with the development of grant applications including annual applications and new funding opportunities.
Ensures eligibility for children by meeting with parents, reviewing documents, and verifying documentation as needed.
Ensures full enrollment at sites and supports attainment of full enrollment in collaboration with Child Care Provider Partners.
Monitors sites’ recruitment plan including outreach.
Monitors the selection process.
Audits and reviews the ERSEA functions.
Prepares and assists in Federal and State reporting.
Handles routine and technical information requests.
Manages confidential student and staff information discreetly.
Compiles year end and month end reports to the Board of Education and Policy Council, related to ERSEA.
Serves as an initial contact to ensure support and positive relationships with families and community partners.
Organizes and maintains various files; locates information as required for the ERSEA work.
Enters and retrieves data and prepares reports, operates and maintain databases and/or other automated files and systems.
Demonstrates excellent customer service skills.
Supports Early Head Start pupil accounting functions throughout the county.
Assists with the coordination of county-wide data collection efforts for Early Head Start.
Assists with Early Head Start Annual Community report.
Perform other duties as assigned by St. Joseph County ISD Administration.

REPORTS TO: Director of Early Childhood Services

PERFORMANCE APPRAISALS: Director of Early Childhood Services

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: A 260-day position. Salary and conditions of employment are determined by the Board of Education.

Closing Date for Job:  10/31/2023

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