Strong Beginnings Lead Teacher

Contact Person: Najwa DahDah
Job Location:
Empowered Community Learning Center
8300 Longworth, Detroit, MI 48209

Job Description:

POSITION TYPE: Looking to hire an enthusiastic Strong Beginnings Lead Teacher- Contract Full-Time

LOCATION: Southwest Detroit

DATE AVAILABLE: August 2024 for 204-25 School Year

ABOUT US: If you are looking for a fresh new start, come join our winning team where we touch hearts, teach minds, and change lives. At Empowered Community Learning Center (ECLC), we provide a safe, nurturing learning environment for children and their parents. We have become experts in educating and caring for young children and their families.

• Bachelor’s degree a must or higher in Early Childhood Education or Child Development with specialization in Preschool teaching; if pursuing a bachelor with 2 years or more in a GSRP, Head start program with 90 credits or more will be considered.
• Applicants may be considered if they have significant training in early childhood education, or child development, OR have 5 or more years of experience as a GSRP Associate Teacher and are willing to meet an approved compliance plan.
• A minimum of three (3) years classroom / supervisory experience.
• Must pass requirements for licensing including criminal Background clearance and negative TB test prior to working with children.
• Possess skills to develop a good team and team relationships.
• Computer skills necessary to complete assigned tasks
• Demonstrate evidence of good professional habits and attitude.
• Demonstrate experience as a supervisor and possess leadership skills.
• Bilingual preferred (English/Spanish to support our Bi-Lingual program). Within 90 days of employment, must obtain and continually maintain basic first aid and pediatric CPR certification (or sooner if required by local/state regulations).
• Spanish preferred; must be willing to learn about the Latino community while being intentional about teaching and introducing other cultures to the children and families.

• Good professional work habits and attitude.
• Good oral and written communication skills.
• Able to lift up to 45 pounds
• Noise level in work environment may be moderate to loud.
• Job may require lifting, sitting, standing, walking, squatting, kneeling, climbing, and bending for periods of time.
• Able to work independently and provide guidance and direction to team members.
• Documented experience working with low-income families.
• Must be culturally sensitive and able to work in a diverse community.
• Able to read, write and communicate in Standard English, Spanish language is a plus.
• Must be resourceful, patient, and sensitive to the needs of staff, children and families.
• Documented experience working with persons of various racial, ethnic, social, and cultural backgrounds.
• Ability to write clear and accurate reports.
• Good organizational and time management skills.
• Able to maintain confidentiality of all discussions and records.
• Must be physically and mentally capable of performing the duties of the classification.
• Must take leadership role in the classroom.
• Must promote teamwork and be willing to problem solve with co-teacher.

• Participate in self-assessment process.
• Work to recruit children for the program and assist to maintain enrollment.
• Provide training for other teaching staff, as needed on site.
• Ability to work with parents and children in the classroom setting and during home visits to insure parental input in daily program planning.
• Plan, write, and implement individual and group lesson plans.
• Create and maintain a safe, healthy, and developmentally focused learning environment
• Administer a developmental screening device, observe and assess the development of each child, write and implement the Individual Education Plan (IEP), COR and any other tool to insure we meet the needs of the individual child.
• Maintain ongoing anecdotal notes to monitor children’s individual development.
• Input COR notes in the timeline set by the program.
• Submit required reports to Center Director.
• Attend staff and parent meetings.
• Participate in all program sponsored activities, including community events.
• Complete two (2) assessments (2) parent teacher conferences annually for each child.
• Overall management and maintenance of classroom.
• Plan specific activities that reinforce the program philosophy.
• Attend on-going program training activities.
• Maintain a positive attitude toward assigned work, clients, and staff.
• Provide bilingual, multi-cultural activities.
• Lead small and large groups of children in a variety of activities planned in conjunction with the assistant teachers and volunteers.
• Greet parents and children every day and develop a good rapport with parents and inform them about center activities, field trips, and child’s progress.
• Communicate positively with parents about concerns about their children.
• Assist in all aspects of services to children and including helping with food preparation, cleanup, and other activities.
• Complete all paperwork as assigned.
• Assist with potty training and changing diapers as needed.
• Direct team members and provide for their training.
• Perform other related tasks as required by the program.
• Commit to ongoing professional development.
• Participate in the licensing process to ensure compliance.
• Perform any other duties as assigned by Center Director.
• Must be willing to “fill in” where needed.
• Meet all GSRP requirements and keep program in compliance.

Working with children with special needs, you are expected to:
• Begin referral process for children who exhibit adverse behaviors.
• Assist in implementing the Individual Education Plan (IEP) developed for children with disabilities and their families.
• Write progress notes of special needs children and include in child’s file.
• Care for the special needs of children.
• Encourage independent participation of Special Need children in all aspects of the program. Be able to “include” Special Need children into the classroom.

Reports To: Center Director

METHOD OF APPLICATION: Please submit resume to Najwa Dahdah

Closing Date for Job:  08/23/2024

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