Director Network

Cohort 1 FULL: April 1-July 26, Live monthly session Tuesday 1pm
Cohort 2 FULL: April 1-Aug. 30, Live monthly session Wednesday 6pm
Cohort 3 FULL: May 6-Aug. 30, Live monthly session Wednesday 10am
Cohort 4 FULL: May 6-Aug. 30, Live monthly session Wednesday 6pm
Cohort 5 FULL: June 3-Sept. 27, Live monthly session Thursday 1pm
Cohort 6 FULL: April 22-Aug. 16, Live monthly session Tuesday 1pm
Cohort 7 FULL: May 13-Sept. 6 Live monthly session Wednesday 10am
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Michigan AEYC Director Network

Center Directors, Assistant Directors, and Owners are invited to embark on a transformative leadership journey with Michigan AEYC’s Director Network Virtual Cohort, where innovation meets excellence. This dynamic program offers a perfect blend of synchronous and asynchronous training, providing a comprehensive exploration of key leadership topics each month. From achieving work-life balance to understanding employee personality types and navigating human interaction, our cohort ensures directors are equipped with practical knowledge and skills. As an exclusive bonus, completing the training earns participants 3 hours per month on MiRegistry. Participants also have the unique opportunity for included coaching on personalized topics relevant to their needs. Join a vibrant community of leaders and let the Michigan AEYC Director Network be your catalyst for leadership excellence.

About the Early Childhood Director Network Virtual Cohort

Dedicate just one and a half hours each month to synchronous training sessions that will equip you with invaluable insights into key leadership topics. Our cohort goes above and beyond with three additional half-hour asynchronous sessions each month, tailored to a monthly theme that truly matters in your leadership journey. 

During this four-month commitment we will be covering topics that include work-life balance, employee personality types, difficult conversations, and other leadership topics.   

Participants should attend with a willingness to learn, reflect, and share with peers across the state.   

We know your time matters, so at the end of each topic you will receive $125 while funding is available. That means by completing all four months you will receive $500 plus a one year Standard Level membership to Michigan AEYC/NAEYC.

Outline of Monthly Training

Week one is a welcome video from cohort facilitator Amy Bond introducing this month’s theme with either a short ted talk, relevant video, article, or thought-provoking question. Less than .5 hour of commitment conducted asynchronously. 

Week two is a one-and-a-half-hour synchronous session where we meet as a cohort.  We will participate in a training and have time to reflect on the content and address any issues that a director would like to bring to the table.  

Week three is a video from Amy asking a thought-provoking question.  Less than .5 hours of commitment conducted asynchronously.  

Week four is a video from Amy asking an application question with a reminder for personalized coaching as needed. Less than .5 hours of commitment conducted asynchronously.  

Each cohort runs 4 consecutive months, providing participants with a total of 12 hours of training, plus a $125 stipend for each monthly synchronous session and a yearlong standard membership to Michigan AEYC/NAEYC.

For more information, please contact Amy Bond at for more information.