Lead Infant Teacher

Contact Person: Ginger Pocius
Job Location:
Cardinal Early Learning Academy
3835 N Mill Rd, Dryden, MI 48428

Job Description:

Areas of Responsibility Include:

Facility Classroom maintenance

Keeping classrooms neat and in good repair

Notifying the Early Childhood (EC) Director of the need for routine repair and maintenance

Keeping inventory and requesting needed supplies

General neatness of the Center areas

Keeping hallways, bathrooms, and storage rooms neat

Clean up after activities and meals

Clean up after children’s accidents

Curriculum and Assessment

Planning of daily, weekly, and monthly developmentally appropriate lesson plans using Creative Curriculum

Responsible for implementing plans daily and evaluating results. This includes planning and implementation of all activities including Intergenerational activities and use of community resources

The playground is an extension of our classrooms. Responsible for planning, implementing, and engaging playground activities each day.

Responsible for the promotion of each child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth and documenting this growth using Teaching Strategies Gold and Ages and Stages Questionnaires. This also includes:

Individual plans for each child

Providing routines, rituals, and establishing clear behavior expectations

Documentation and portfolio organization for each child


Responsible for the care of the children’s physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being, and growth b.

Will respond appropriately to children exhibiting signs of stress and will respond to the needs of the group, as well as the individual

Responsible for consulting with co teachers, the early childhood director, and possibly outside consultants about a particularly stressed child and will implement recommendations in helping the child

Will be aware and able to report occurrences in the child’s day to the parents/guardians

Records and requirements by the Center , Department of Health and Human Services, and NAEYC

Medication forms/how to administer medication

Accident/incident reports

Anecdotal records, portfolios, and assessments

Communication with parents/guardians

Weekly newsletters to parents/guardians


Be familiar with and adhere to the following:

Licensing rules and regulations

Health Department guidelines

Emergency Procedures

NAEYC Accreditation standards

Cardinal Club Handbook

Professional Growth

Obtain a minimum of 24 hours of early childhood training each calendar year

Retain current CPR and First Aid

Attend Center events. Help plan and implement engagement activities

Attend mandatory staff meeting/workdays as scheduled

Always maintain a professional attitude as a representative of the Center

It is the responsibility of each staff member to maintain and keep record of training hours

Mentoring /Training

Responsible to lead, teach, and train new staff members, interns, volunteers, and assistant teachers

Model professional attitudes always

Closing Date for Job:  08/01/2024

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