GSRP Associate Teacher – Centreville

Contact Person: Pam Hagelgans
Job Location:
St Joseph County ISD
62445 Shimmel Rd, Centreville, MI 49032

Job Description:


To work with at risk preschoolers in co-instructor role with GSRP Lead Teacher for kindergarten readiness.


An Associate Teacher will be considered credentialed for the position with the following:

1. An associate’s degree (AA) in early childhood education or child development or the equivalent; or

2. Applicants may be considered if they have at least one course in early childhood education or child development and are willing to meet an approved compliance plan.

3. Prior experience with preschool preferred.

4. Ability to work in cooperative and collegial manner with GSRP Lead Teacher and Supervisor.

5. Yearly CPR/AED and first aid certification and TB test.

6. Responsibility of employee to obtain and maintain all training(s), certificate(s), approval(s), etc. and provide documentation to the business office before expiration date of said document(s).

7. Must have regular and reliable job attendance, performance, and the physical ability to do the job.

8. Able to lift up to 50 pounds and work at physical level with preschooler.

9. Required to have a physical presence at the designated job site each scheduled work day.


1. Ability to use computers, software and other current technology.

2. Effective written communication skills; including parent/family communications and program data and reports.

3. Effective oral communication with children, families and other program staff.

4. Effective organizational skills.

5. Maintain professional atmosphere and demeanor in classroom, acting at all times as a representative of GSRP and/or ISD.

6. Attend and engage in continuous professional development.

7. Implement high quality developmentally appropriate practices as outlined by GSRP Implementation Manual.,4615,7-140-63533_50451-217313–,00.html

8. Knowledge of the Early Childhood Standards of Quality for Prekindergarten.

9. Ability to work cooperatively as a part of a team, including co-teaching with Lead Teacher, Early Childhood Specialist, Early Childhood Speech Therapist, Early Childhood Support Specialist and Supervisor to coordinate and plan curriculum and activities.

10. Engage in activities with children at their physical level.

11. Create an overall supportive, nurturing, strength based atmosphere.

12. Maintain student confidentiality.

13. Co-Implementation of High Scope Curriculum.

14. Co-Implementation of Conscious Discipline.

15. Perform other duties as assigned by the St. Joseph County ISD Administrators.


1. Supervise children during classroom activities and outdoor periods on the playground.

2. Supervise emergency situations (i.e. tornado drills, fire drills, etc.).

3. Monitor safety of children during arrival and departure activities.

4. Supervision of children out of the classroom and/or school building (i.e. community based instruction/leisure, field trips, etc.).

5. Constantly monitor & evaluate the safety of all children.

6. Participate in screening for preschool applications.

7. Coordinate with GSRP Lead Teacher and assist in planning instruction and engagement of preschool.

8. Participate in home visits.


1. Climb steps and playground equipment as needed.

2. Walk long distances in community-based instruction.

3. Lift and position physically involved children.

4. Change diapers or assist any children in toileting and other self-care skills.

5. Assist with maintenance/custodial care of classroom, as needed.

6. Use universal precautions at all times for personal health and safety.


1. Assist the Lead Teacher with classroom clerical and record keeping duties (i.e. attendance, lunch count, progress monitoring of child development).

2. Complete accident and/or incident reports as needed.

3. Assist the Lead Teacher in room preparation.

4. Assist the Lead Teacher with planning the preparation of instructional materials.

5. Attend and provide input at student/staff/team meetings and in-service when required.

6. Assist with communication to parents and bus drivers.

7. Actively seeks advice and information relating to job.

8. Assist with other school related responsibilities as assigned by both the GSRP Lead Teacher and/or the St. Joseph County ISD administration.

REPORTS TO: GSRP Program Manager

ASSESSMENT: GSRP Program Manager


To be determined based on the Non-Union Conditions of Employment. Work schedule: 190 days, 37.5 hours per week Monday –Thursday with children and Friday for other duties including planning, home visits and professional development.

Closing Date for Job:  11/30/2024

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